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Black and white photo scan of two women and a man on a row boat that has Saugatuck on the side. In the back of the image is the Mt. Baldhead Motel and several boats. On the reverse: "Saugatuck-Douglas Chamberof Commerce, Saugatuck, MI." In the…
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Black and white photo of a man, two women and four children of various ages. Three children and one woman sit on the dock, while the others are in a small boat in the front of the frame. There are other boats on the water in the background. On the…
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A black and white photo of three men and a woman that are all dressed professionally who are seated around a table with trophies on it. The woman smiles and the man in the suit appears to be writing something down while the man next to him watches.…
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A photo of a group of teens on a pontoon. Three women and three men clad in bathing suits look down at something out of frame, while the center man looks at the camera and smiles. On the back a caption reading, “This motley crew rented the pontoon…
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A photo of a woman putting a golf ball towards Hole 18 of a course. Two other women and one man watch as she plays, but only the woman in the middle has a golf club. On the back is stamped “Don Heuchen Photographer PA. 5-3624” and then an address.…
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A photo of three men and one woman playing golf together. The woman has putted her ball towards the hole, where a man holds the flag. Another man crouches, and the other man casually rests on his golf club. On the back is inscribed “St. Louis at…
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Photograph of a mother and father with two daughters and two sons in swimming attire on the beach. They are posing as a group with a small dachshund. On the back of the photo is written "Heuchan family circa 1954-55. From left - Buz Heucha, Charlie…
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Travis shares memories of Saugatuck from the 1950s, '60s, and '70s.
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Jane discusses working as a waitress in the Saugatuck Douglas area at the Frosted Mug and, later, the Red Wood. She discusses her relationship with the restaurants' owners and the atmosphere of working as a server at that time
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Sisters Joy Muehlenbeck and Jerry Elsinga describe adjusting to Saugatuck as young women after living in Chicago. Considerable discussion about the Pavillion and education in Saugatuck in the 60's and 70's.
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Barbara Kiszonas grew up on the South side of Chicago but shares memories of spending summers in Saugatuck-Douglas as a camper and as a camp councilor.
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Jean Arnold describes growing up Douglas with many memories of various jobs she held as a teenager. She also describes her encounters with the LGBT community in the 70's
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