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Go to Al Weener (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

Al Weener describes his connections to West Michigan as well as his time as a fisherman in Saugatuck
Go to Dave Karpowicz (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

Dave Karpowicz discusses his time at the Phelps Mansion and his experiences being a high school seminarian. He also discusses his time outside of Saugatuck-Douglas, as well as what brought him back to the region.
Go to Tom Fosdick, part 2 (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

The second part of his interview, Tom Fosdick describes his experiences with the school system and playing sports. He also discusses summer jobs, cross-state school trips, and his family and their role as school janitors. He also explores changes to…
Go to Tom Fosdick, part 1 (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

The first part of a longer interview, Tom Fosdick discusses early memories about the Saugatuck-Douglas area. He describes his time at the Old Schoolhouse and playing with his friends on the school properties.
Go to Anne Corlett (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

Anne Corlett describes her experiences as a summer cottage resident during the 60s and 70s. She recounts her experiences of the beaches, her connection to the arts and Oxbow, as well as her various experiences with the LGBT community.
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A photo of a woman in what appears to be a bathing suit in front of two houses taped to a piece of paper. Above the picture, someone wrote “Taken in front of what used to be called “Maisonette” on left, current [unknown] cottage on right. McVea store…
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Black and white photograph that depicts a boy in a boat titled the “So-Mo-Shun.” It is hand-captioned “Buzz Heuchen Boat 1955” and there is a circled six at the top left. On the right of the photo, the text is cut off, but what is legible says “Boat…
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Photograph of two women and a man on a beach in front of an umbrella that is taped to a piece of paper. The younger woman and man appear to be in swim gear, while the older woman is in a dress. Below, it reads: “1922-24. L. to R. “’Pete’ vonBrecht,…
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Hand-captioned photograph of a group of twelve on hat appears to be a beach that are posed for the image. One man holds a child in his arms, and there are personal items strewn about. At the bottom, someone crossed out 1923-24 and wrote “Oops- says…
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Photograph of four individuals in what appears to be bathing suits. The photo has been damaged slightly with time. At the top of the image, there is a set of handwritten text that reads “Taken on front of now [unknown] cottage on left + [unknown].…
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A scan of two photos stacked on top of each other that is labeled “109 Lakeshore Dr.” The top image is of an enclosed porch or sunroom with various patio furniture. The second is a taken down the hallway from what appears to be the dining room of the…
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Black and white photo of three teams of rowboats. Each boat has several people in it, each with their own ore. In the front boat, a man sits on the helm, and in the back boat, there is someone standing.
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