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A black and white topographic map of the GVSC Nature Trail as found on the Allendale campus and received by the GVSC Library Archives on May 1, 1973. The cartographer of the map is Anne Spelman and features the trail and the Grand River one hundred…
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Green scrapbook with a number of newspaper clippings and photos related to the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club
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Dark brown scrapbook with a number of newspaper clippings and photos related to the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club
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Newspaper clipping of eulogy for John F. Corbet, who died at 83 and won a $1,000 prizeat the Columbian exposition, defeating Edward Clator in a single sculls race.
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Newspaper Article about the 1887 World Honors Winners from Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club, and their reunion at the luncheon honoring A. A. Carroll.
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Newspaper article detailing GVSC's role in bringing crew back to GR, after Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club gifted clubhouse back to the city. One section tells the history of Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club prior to GVSC.
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Full-sized sheet of paper, pencil script. At the top, crossed out, "Members of first crew to win race for," underneath that, "A four out for a spin - Herbert Conlon, Ernst Conlon, McQuewan, Corbet."
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Piece of scrap paper with notes in pencil: "Won Central States Regatta and Southwestern States Regatta in Peoria in 1922 - Also, won dual regatta with Detroit in 1923: Russ Davis (stroke), Alvin Hoek, Richard Tanis, Geo. Donker, Bill Young, Phil…
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Image of the Detroit Challenge Cup for the Intermediate Fours event, won by Conlon, Foote, Kuyers, and Schipps. On the back, an image of the cup for the Senior Quadruple Sculls event.
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Newspaper article announcing the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club gifting their property and clubhouse on the Grand River to the city, with the undertsanding that the city continue the work of the club in sports.
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Newspaper article about a luncheon held in honor of A. A. Carroll, just retired as superintendent of police, who established a world rowing record in 1887, along with Charles McQuewan, William Sargent, and Jesse Fox. 400 Grand Rapids citizens and…
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Newspaper clipping detailing th Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club's win over the Detroit Boat Club in the Southwestern Regatta at Peoria Lake.
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