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Notes by Pieter N. Termaat on military strategies during World War II.
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Notes by Pieter N. Termaat on Germany's military agression and strategy in the Netherlands during World War II.
Go to Pass In Revue: 1914-1935, The Formative Years item page

Memoir by Pieter N. Termaat on his youth and adolescence in the Netherlands.
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Meditation delivered by Jacob D. Eppinga, Pastor of LaGrave Avenue Christian Church at the service of Thanksgiving and Praise, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and His Royal Highness, Prince Claus, June 27, 1982, in honor of 200 years of…
Go to Zeehoeve family farm information item page

Informational flyer about the Zeehoeve farm in Netherlands. In Dutch.
Go to Liberation of the Netherlands, 40th Anniversary Commemoration item page

Booklet commemorating the 40th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands from Nazi occupation in World War II.
Go to Pieter Termaat Alien questionnaire item page

Answers by Pieter Termaat to Alien Questionnaire, including past work history, political and social associations, and family history.
Go to Termaat Emigration documents item page

Several documents related to Termaat family's emigration from the Netherlands to Grand Rapids, Michigan. In English and Dutch.
Go to Termaat Authorization for visit item page

Authorization for Pieter Termaat to visit Grand Rapids, Michigan as a contract employee of Touche, Niven, Bailey & Smart.
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Receipt from Import & Export Service Co. for the transport of 1 liftvan and 1 case of household effects for Pieter Termaat.
Go to Pieter Termaat International Drivers License item page

International driver license of Pieter N. Termaat, issued 8 June 1951. In Dutch.
Go to General Eisenhower Announces Air Drops of Food item page

Dutch Free Press article announcing U.S. General Eisenhower's plan to air drop food to starving citizens of the Netherlands. In Dutch.
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