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Photograph of the bucket of an excavator as it breaks ground at the site of the new temple, 1946.
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Newspaper clipping from the Detroit Free Press of an article about Temple B'nai Israel's centennial celebration.
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Newspaper clipping of an article about the Temple's Centennial Celebration.
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Newspaper image of Sylvia Kaufman, chairwoman of the Jewish Centennial Celebration Committee.
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Newspaper clipping about the solo recital of Itzhak Perlman, an Israeli-born artist.
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Scrapbook of photographs from the 25th Anniversary Celebration dinner of the B'nai Israel Temple.
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An angled picture of the room where the 50th anniversary dinner took place.
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A different angled picture of the room where the 50th anniversary dinner took place.
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A picture of a table of people facing the camera. Included in this picture: Harold & Marcia Rosen, Kaufmans, Kelly and Lilliam Kaufman
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Kathryn A. Agard, Executive Director of the Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University, 2006-2010. She discusses her early life, education, family, and work in the Mental Health field, at Planned Parenthood Federation of…
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Egg carton "dragons" involve the imagination of a student and GVSC student teacher, Art Culver, at the Muskegon Summer Session at Marquette School.
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A picture of the B'nai B'rith International meeting. Men sitting around tables in a room, with a woman standing behind a podium. Some of the people included are: Herman Grossman, Jerome Cherin, Gene Fisher, Art, and Sam Lipman
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