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Photograph of Confirmation Class of 1979/1980
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Photograph of two workmen at the construction site of the Temple, 1947. Neighborhood houses and cars in background.
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Photograph of the bucket of an excavator as it breaks ground at the site of the new temple, 1946.
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Photograph of Hebrew School students sitting around a table with open books while the teacher stands at the head of the table in front of a chalk board, circa 1950s.
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Photograph of the Simcha Dancers wearing red blouses with floral skirts.
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Picture of temple during a snowstorm in 1976. Brick building on corner of Webster Ave. with inscription "Strength and beauty are in his sanctuary".
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Scrapbook of photographs from the 25th Anniversary Celebration dinner of the B'nai Israel Temple.
Go to The Jewish Ladies Aid Society Meeting Notes item page

Handwritten ledger of meeting notes for the Jewish Ladies Aid Society
Go to Muskegon Sisterhood Board Meeting Minutes item page

Binder of handwritten notes of board meetings of the Sisterhood.
Go to Muskegon Sisterhood Scrapbook item page

Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings and photographs of the Temple, created by the Muskegon Sisterhood.
Go to Synagogue Scrapbook item page

Scrapbook of photographs and memorabilia of celebrations from 1988 to 2004.
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A picture of a table of people facing the camera. Included in this picture: Harold & Marcia Rosen, Kaufmans, Kelly and Lilliam Kaufman
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