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Poem about the Holocaust. In Dutch.
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Newspaper clipping of photograph of Abraham Foxman and Gisele Feldman for the Jewish Foundation for Christian Rescuers.
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Newspaper clipping about Jacques Vergès, legal counsel to former SS officer Klaus Barbie.
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Newspaper article about David Mandel, a Jewish man who escaped from a Nazi prison march, eventually settling in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
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Newspaper article photocopy from the Detroit Jewish News about the Yad Vashem Righteous Gentiles award.
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Newspaper article about hidden children during World War II, and honoring those who rescued and assisted them.
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Newspaper clipping about the documents relating the war crimes charges against President Kurt Waldheim of Austria.
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Photocopied newspaper clipping about Pieter and Adriana Termaat lecturing at Grand Valley State University.
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New York Times article about President Kurt Waldheim of Austria, and his possible involvement in the deportation of 488 Yugoslav civilians to slave labor camps in 1942.
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Associated Press article about convicted war criminal Alois Brunner, captured in Syria.
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