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  • Subject is exactly "Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874"
Go to Nathan Sargent petition. William F. Johnson from John M. Clayton, May 16, 1849 item page

Letter requesting Johnson's influence to get Sargent appointed as head of a Bureau in Washington.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Benjamin F. Butler, November 11, 1874 item page

Letter regarding Butler's treatment by the press.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Daniel Webster, June 15, 1852 item page

Cover letter for registration of the American ship St. Paul from A.H.P. Edwards Esq., U.S. Counsel at Manila, by Daniel Webster to Nathan Sargent, Register of the Treasury.
Go to Petition for U.S. Auditor position, February 28, 1851 item page

Petitions pledging support for the appointment of Nathan Sargent in various state and federal positions, including Auditor, Surveyor of the Port of Philadelphia, and Clerk of the House of Representatives.
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