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Celebration of a contest and photo shoot. Time and location of event included.
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Poster with the location and times of the free library. No date printed, assumed to be from 2015.
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Poster of the discussion and reception for the Women and Gender Studies 2014 Feminist Faculty Scholar. Includes the place and time of the event.
Go to EqualiTEA (2013) item page

Flyer with the order of events of the day, and the lead on different sections/activities.
Go to Leading the Way: Feminism, Education, and Social Change item page

Poster with information on the showcase, including the time, date and location. Event part of the Michigan Women's Studies Association Conference.
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Brochure detailing information on the course and reasons to join.
Go to Jessica Valenti: Why Feminism Still Matters item page

Flyer with information on the talk, including a synopsis of it and of the speaker, the location, time and date of it. Part of the 2009 Women's History Month.
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