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Black and white photograph of a large white farmhouse on the leftside of the frame and there are a few barns located to the right. A group of people that appear to be a family are sitting or standing in the front yard and on the front porch. The…
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Black and white photograph featuring a young family enjoying their time spent at the pool located along the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck, Michigan. There are tables with umbrellas located in the patio area and there is only one child in the pool. The…
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Photograph of couple in swimming suits holding a small boy who is standing on a wooden railing on the beach. Behind them are four other people sitting or laying out towels.
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Color slide of an older man holding a baby boy dressed in a blue jacket on the hood of a car.
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Photograph of two women raising a flag on a flagpole while two young boys stand nearby holding small flags.
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Black and white photograph of a family raising the American flag and saluting the flag. Circa 1990s
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Photograph depicts a family of five, three children and two adults. One of the children is sitting in the lap of the woman. The man in the far left of the picture if looking to the left of the camera and smiling, the young boy is also looking away,…
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Photographo of large group of people are on the beach near a small sand dune, with is a red building in the distance. In the foreground a small child is walking toward the camera with his face turned to the right. The group is surrounded by picnic…
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Photograph of a young boy with blond hair sitting to the left of an elderly man. The elderly man has his arm around the young boy, they are sitting on a short brick wall in the front yard of a small white house. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of a young boy sitting in the lap of a man, presumably a family member, at a picnic table. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of an older woman sitting with a young child at a picnic table in a park. In the background there are many trees and a pond. Circa 1980s
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Photograph of a group of people having a cook-out. There are several tables set out, as well as lawn chairs, and everyone is in conversation. Circa 1960s
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