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Go to Nathan Sargent from Caleb Cushing, February 28, 1838 item page

Letter regarding Cushing's health, the likelihood of a treasury bill passing, the need for the Whigs to have grit, Martin Van Buren's decreasing popularity, and a recent duel.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Edward Everett, January 3, 1836 item page

Letter discussing potential Whig nominees for President in the 1836 election, and the growing approval of a Daniel Webster candidacy.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Edward Everett, November 23, 1835 item page

Letter discussing rumors of Henry Clay's plans to run for President, and Antimasonic opposition to William Henry Harrison.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Millard Fillmore, March 21, 1855 item page

Letter detailing Fillmore's denouncement a letter sent without his approval by Daniel Webster, and his attempt to discover how the error occurred.
Go to Petition to President Z. Taylor for U.S. Auditor position, April 11, 1849 item page

Petitions pledging support for the appointment of Nathan Sargent in various state and federal positions, including Auditor, Surveyor of the Port of Philadelphia, and Clerk of the House of Representatives.
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