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Memoir by Pieter N. Termaat on his youth and adolescence in the Netherlands.
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Biographical history of Adriana B. Termaat by her granddaughter, Barbara, for her Women in the United States History class.
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Address delivered by Pieter N. Termaat on receipt of his and his wife's honarary doctorates by Grand Valley State University.
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Meditation delivered by Jacob D. Eppinga, Pastor of LaGrave Avenue Christian Church at the service of Thanksgiving and Praise, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and His Royal Highness, Prince Claus, June 27, 1982, in honor of 200 years of…
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Newspaper clipping about Peter and Adrianna Termaat's Courage to Care Award from the Anti-Defamation League.
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Newspaper article about hidden children during World War II, and honoring those who rescued and assisted them.
Go to Jews to honor couple who risked all to save their lives item page

Newspaper article about Pieter and Adriana Termaat's receipt of the Courage to Care Award at the Jewish Community Center in West Bloomfield Township, Michigan.
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Photocopied newspaper clipping about Pieter and Adriana Termaat lecturing at Grand Valley State University.
Go to Eight Area Residents Hailed in Holocaust Remembrance item page

Newspaper clipping about members of the Dutch resistance movement living in Grand Rapids.
Go to Prins geroerd bij ontvangst Verzetskruis item page

Newspaper clipping about Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands bestowing the Resistance Rememberance Cross. In Dutch.
Go to Seven From Area to be Honored for Resistance Work in WWII item page

Article about Termaats' and others honors with the Resistance Remembrance Cross.
Go to Pieter and Adriana Termaat list of honors item page

Typescript list of honors and awards bestowed on Pieter and Adriana Termaat
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