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Dutch newspaper featuring articles about World War II, the German Occupation, D-Day, and liberation. In Dutch.
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Photograph of Termaat family. Left to right: Michiel P., Adriana B., Nicolaas P. J., Cornelis B., and Pieter N. Termaat.
Go to Adriana Termaat (1879-1952), circa 1900 item page

Portrait photograph of Adriana Termaat (1879-1952), dauther of Aris Termaat (b. 1832) and Neeltje DeJong (b. 1847), taken by J. W. Besyn in Alkmaar, circa 1900.
Go to Conscientious Resignation response item page

Response to Pieter Termaat's conscientious resignation letter from the Director-General of the Federal Labor Placement Office, Th. Van Lier. In Dutch, with English translation.
Go to Staff of Alkmaar Westerweg Internment Camp, 1945 item page

Group photograph of staff of Alkmaar Westerweg Internment Camp for Nazi women. Center front: Cornelis Barend Termaat, Camp Commander and Hendrika Termaat-Harms. Taken after Victory Europe Day, 1945.
Go to Adriana B. Schuurman at the beach, 1932 item page

Photograph of Adriana Schuurman at the beach with a woman and girl, 1932. Adriana is wearing a white dress with dots, a white hat, and glasses.
Go to Hendrika Harms-Termaat, 1968 item page

Photograph of Hendrika Harms-Termaat sitting on a chair in front of open door to house.
Go to Jan Termaat, 1967 item page

Portrait photograph of Jan Termaat.
Go to Hendrika Termaat-Harms, 1966 item page

Photograph of Hendrika Termaat-Harms sitting in a living room, 1966.
Go to Hendrika Termaat-Harms, 1962 item page

Photograph of Hendrika Termaat-Harms standing in a doorway in Alkmaar.
Go to Termaat Goodbye Party, 1962 item page

Group photograph of Termaat family "Goodbye Party" at first reunion trip to Alkmaar after emigration to U.S.
Go to Lijsje Schuurman-Hennipman, 1959 item page

Photograph of a group of women and one man seated on the deck of a ship crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Lijsje Schuurman-Hennipman is second from left.
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