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Map of the Netherlands annotated by Pieter Termaat, and notes from Termaat documenting the starvation conditions during the Nazi occupation, and locations of farms visited to acquire food.
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Answers by Pieter Termaat to Alien Questionnaire, including past work history, political and social associations, and family history.
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Several documents related to Termaat family's emigration from the Netherlands to Grand Rapids, Michigan. In English and Dutch.
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Authorization for Pieter Termaat to visit Grand Rapids, Michigan as a contract employee of Touche, Niven, Bailey & Smart.
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Receipt from Import & Export Service Co. for the transport of 1 liftvan and 1 case of household effects for Pieter Termaat.
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International driver license of Pieter N. Termaat, issued 8 June 1951. In Dutch.
Go to General Eisenhower Announces Air Drops of Food item page

Dutch Free Press article announcing U.S. General Eisenhower's plan to air drop food to starving citizens of the Netherlands. In Dutch.
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Bicycle registration of Pieter Termaat, signed by the Mayor of Langedijk. Termaat was given permission to keep his bicycle due to his position on the staff of the local air defense office. In Dutch.
Go to Dead Woman Found Near Heerhugowaard item page

Typescript copy of news report from the Noordhollandsch Dagblad newspaper regarding a dead woman found near the Heerhugowaard canal in Langedijk. In Dutch.
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Work assignment to report to bridge near Heerhugowaard canal in Broek op Langedijk, North Holland, Netherlands with a spade, signed by the Mayor of Langedijk. The author also reminds the receiver of the order of serious penalties should they not…
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Work conscription order, under penalty of imprisonment or death, to Pieter Termaat from the Deputy Mayor of the Local Air Protection Service of Broek op Langedijk, North Holland, Netherlands. In Dutch.
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National Identification Card (Persoonsbewijs) of Pieter N. Termaat of Alkmaar, Netherlands. In Dutch.
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