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Go to GVSU Women's Commission Fireside Chats 2011/12 item page

Flyer detailing dates and themes for the Women's Commission fireside chats during the 2011/12 school year.
Go to Fall Welcome Reception item page

Invitation to the Women's Commission Fall Welcome Reception featuring keynote speaker Keri Becker.
Go to Celebrating Women Awards Ceremony item page

Pamphlet for the Celebrating Women Awards Ceremony displaying the order of events for the event.
Go to Join the GVSU Women's Center and Colleges Against Cancer Student Organization in the Fight Against Breast Cancer item page

Flyer detailing several different events for breast cancer awareness including donation drives, information about breast cancer, and a Relay For Life walk.
Go to Women's Rock Climbing Class item page

Flyer inviting women to one of two women only rock climbing sessions.
Go to Equalitea item page

Flyer listing the order of events for the Equalitea event.
Go to Women's Center EqualiTEA item page

Flyer inviting students to an event to discuss literature, politics, and reform over tea. The event includes a performance by Professor Karen Libman.
Go to Crumpets for Conversation item page

Flyer listing several questions intended to start conversations inspired by the play "Antona Garcia".
Go to Women and the Environment item page

Pamphlet for the Educating and Inspiring Women to Take Action event including an agenda and a list of speakers.
Go to Women and the Environment item page

Flyer inviting students to a symposium about women's issues and protecting the environment.
Go to Conversations on Loving Your Body item page

Flyer with a list of events centered around the theme of self-love about our bodies.
Go to Jean Swap item page

Flyer inviting people to bring in their old pairs of jeans to swap them with other students' old jeans.
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