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Go to Chris E. Vargas: Introducing the Museum of Trans Hirstory and Art item page

Poster with sysnopsis of the keynote in Honor of Transgender Day of Visibility, including the date, time, and location.
Go to The Women's Leadership House item page

Information sheets on living at this house from 2014-2015.
Go to Women and Gender Studies and the Women's Center in Cape Town item page

Information sheets on the study abroad trip offered to South Africa in 2013.
Go to Sarah Schulman item page

Poster with sysnopsis of events and the date, time, and location of the two events. A synopsis of the speaker is included.
Go to EqualiTEA (2013) item page

Flyer with the order of events of the day, and the lead on different sections/activities.
Go to Queer Your Mind: Announcing the new LGBTQ Minor item page

Poster inviting people to come and celebrate the new minor. Includes the location, time and date.
Go to Women's History Month 2012: Women in the World item page

Brochure with events, synopsis of each, as well as the locations, times and dates.
Go to Love Your Body Week item page

Poster of the events with the locations, times and dates of each one.
Go to Between the Earth & Cyberspace: International Association of Hispanic Feminine Literature and Culture item page

Poster with the names of the different keynote speakers, the dates of the conference, and where to go to for more information.
Go to Gay Gardens: A Queer & Trans Pride Prom item page

Information on the dance, including what goodies will be there, and the date, time and location.
Go to Born in Revolution: History, Gender, and the Power of Conflict item page

Flyer of the 38th Annual Great Lakes History Conference taking place in 2012. The flyer has a synopsis of the different events, as well as the the time, date and location of each one.
Go to Conversations on Scholarship item page

Poster with information on the two speakers and their topic. The the time, date and location are included.
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