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Photograph of Benjamin Hathaway Eddy holding onto a goat with a thin rope.
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Photograph of Eddy girls with their great Dane, Sandy. Verso: inscription reads "Barbie, Joan, and Betsy with Sandy."
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Esther Eddy dances with her children on the beach. Verso: inscription reads "L-R Esther, Joan, Joyce (with back to camera-) Mary, Jane Cuthbert." Circa 1930
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 item page

Photograph depicts Joan Brigham playing with her children and nieces/nephews. Slightly ahead of them is Dave Brigham digging in the sand with a toy truck behind him.
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Photograph of a Ben Eddy sunning by a log. Woods, Plummers and Brighams in the water.
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Photograph of Pat holding her daughter Kathy at Beech-Hurst.
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Photograph of Pat and Frank Woods stand at Beech-Hurst with daughter Kathy (in Pat's arms) and son Mike.
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Photograph of Barbara holds great niece Kathy at her cottage (R.G. Eddy).
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Photograph of Barbara Crandell with children Joni and John and cousin Andrew Plummer at Beech-Hurst with Sam the dog.
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Photograph of Rob and Elizabeth Plummer with a tea kettle to the left.
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Photograph of great grandmothers Lillian and Elizabeth (Nannan) with grandkids Rob and Elizabeth Plummer at Beech-Hurst.
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Photograph of Rob and Elizabeth Plummer with a tea kettle to their left; a dog sits in shadow in the foreground.
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