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Black and white photograph of several individuals plein air painting dockside along Lake Macatawa near Holland, Michigan. Plein air painting in Macatawa, Michigan was a tradition for students attending Ox-Bow "Summer School of Painting" in Saugatuck,…
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Plaintiff's Exhibit 3. A black and white shot of four buildings, including the Cook Boat House, located on the water that is taken from across the water. There are several boats docked or on the shore.
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Plaintiff's Exhibit 11. A black and white aerial shot of the area of Saugatuck along the water, including the dance hall and the Hotel Butler. Several boats are on the water. In the bottom of the image, there are trees.
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Plaintiff's Exhibit 10. A black and white aerial shot of several large ferries on the water. Thick smoke exits the smokestack of the boat on the right side of the image.
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Plaintiff's Exhibit 4. A black and white photo of several wooden buildings that sit on the water. There is a dock depicted in the picture, and a small motor boat is docked next to it.
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Plaintiff's Exhibit 30. A black and white photo of the Saugatuck Boat Livery. Three men stand in front of the building. They are surrounded by many kayaks and canoes. On the back, "#8" is handwritten in the top right corner.
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Plaintiff's Exhibit 13. A wide shot of a large ferry on the water. Smoke exits its smoke stack. The image is labeled Saugatuck, Mich.
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Plantiff's Exhibit 12. An aerial shot of Saugatuck, Michigan. Several large ferries or boats are on the water, and the dance hall can be seen.
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A wide shot of the docks taken from the opposite bank. Several boats of various kinds are docked, and a several large white buildings can be seen among the trees.
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A wide shot of two individuals on their motorboat on the water. Behind the boat, there are several others of various kinds dcked, and several large structures sit on the water's edge.
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A picture of a large multi-passanger boat on the water. There are other boats on the water as well, and there appears to be some sort of flag poll in the center left of the image. There is some evidence of photo aging.
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A wide shot of many boats docked in front of several large buildings. In the lower left corner, two men fish, although one is partially obscured by a black object seen on all corners.
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