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Photograph featuring a group of men on the back of a boat while enjoying a sunny day on the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck, Michigan. The second man on the left has a large video camera on his shoulder and appears to be filming. Only two individuals in…
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Black and white photograph featuring a variety of boats in the bay of Lake Kalamazoo near downtown Saugatuck, Michigan. Two of the boats have large American flags displayed proudly. The lake is very busy with boaters and there are buildings and a…
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Black and white photograph of a row of four sailboats lined by a deck at the Big Pavilion dance hall in Saugatuck, Michigan.Pairs of men can be seen standing in the docked sailboats.
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Black and white photograph of a man crouching on top of a whaleback ship, a type of cargo ship with a hull which was continuously curved above the waterline. He is staring at a small sailboat with many passengers in the distance.
Go to Boat Next to the Pier item page

Black and white photograph featuring a boat as it heads into the channel at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River. The boat is passing by the south pier located along the shores of Lake Michigan.
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Black and white photograph of a man sitting in his boat, tied in between two posts, with his back to the camera. He appears to be fishing in Lake Kalamazoo and another boat can be seen in the distance. The description on the back of the photograph…
Go to Big Pavilion and Yachts of Saugatuck Postcard item page

Postcard of Saugatuck, Michigan featuring the Big Pavilion dance hall along the waterfront and boats in the harbor. The postcard is brightly colored and appears to be an illustrated backside view, as it features a blank area for a stamp and address.…
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Series of four postcards celebrating the scenic locations of Saugatuck, Michigan. The postcard at the top reads "Big Pavilion and Yachts, Saugatuck, Mich." featuring the dance hall overlooking the water. The two postcards found in the middle feature…
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Photograph of a young couple out on a speedboat on Lake Michigan. The young man is driving the boat and turning back smiling while the woman on the right side of the picture is lighting a cigarette. Through the rear-view mirror you can see additonal…
Go to Boating on Muskegon River postcard item page

Black and white photograph postcard of the bank of the Muskegon River in Saugatuck, Michigan with a few small sailboats in the short distance.
Go to Boats on Lake Kalamazoo postcard item page

Black and white photograph postcards of boats on Lake Kalamazoo in Saugatuck, Michigan. Circa 1955
Go to Wisconsin. Launching of the Angus item page

The Angus built by Burger of Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It was designed for scientific research for the Esterline-Angus Co. of Indianapolis and based in Grand Haven, Michigan. The Angus was donated to Grand Valley State University.
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