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Page from Bob Lord's family phtograph album with three photos. In the top, a woman in a puffy jacket stands next to her son in front of the water. Snow covers the ground. The bottom left picture shows the snowy waterfront and various fowl that sit…
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Renee Zita was born and raised in Chicago. In this interview, she recounts spending several weeks of every summer in the family cottage on Park Street in Saugatuck. As her own family grew, Renee remembers bringing her own children to the family home…
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Ray Foster grew up on a family farm near Douglas, Michigan. In this interivew, Foster remembers the motorcycle gangs driving through town during summer holiday weekends, the rock music festival in 1968, and the Saugatuck Jazz Festival.
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Raymond Foster spent much of his summers at his grandarents' farm outside Saugatuck, Michigan. His memories include watching many groups of motorcycles enter Saugatuck in the mid- to late-1960s. He also recalls that the geography of the land around…
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Ray Diffenderfer's grandparents were among the first to own land near Mt. Baldhead, where they built a cottage in the early 1920s. In this article, Ray reminisces about spending summers of his youth at the cottage and swimming at the beach in the…
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Photograph of a group at the beach. There are two women with a group of about six small children standing at the edge of the water facing the camera. In the foreground seven adults are seated in the sand facing the water. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of people at the beach. In the center of the photograph there is a white and green striped umbrella, underneath a man and woman lie on the sand. The water and sky are the same hue of blue and nearly indistinguishable from one another.…
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Photograph of a few groups of people sitting on towels while talking and sunbathing at the beach. There is a rusty barrel located behind the group at the forefront of the photograph and young men can be seen running near the dunegrass in the…
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A group of people, one adult and the rest children, are in a circle on the beach. Verso: inscription reads "L-R Esther, Joan, Joyce (with back to camera-) Mary, Jane Cuthbert." Circa 1930
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Photograph is taken from above and is of eight people laying on the sand and nine individuals in the water, of those in the water most are children. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of couple in swimming suits holding a small boy who is standing on a wooden railing on the beach. Behind them are four other people sitting or laying out towels.
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Paola Onesto was raised in Chicago. Her family was among the first to buy land and build lakeshore summer cottages in Saugatuck. Her family home was completed in 1921, and Paola recounts generations of family members spending their summers on the…
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