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Photograph of a group of four children on the beach surrounding a dog. Verso: inscription reads "Barhee, Joan, and Belsy with Handy." Circa 1930
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A group of people, one adult and the rest children, are in a circle on the beach. Verso: inscription reads "L-R Esther, Joan, Joyce (with back to camera-) Mary, Jane Cuthbert." Circa 1930
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Photograph of a woman digging a trench on a beach, there can be seen individuals in the background
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Photograph of people at the beach. In the center of the photograph there is a white and green striped umbrella, underneath a man and woman lie on the sand. The water and sky are the same hue of blue and nearly indistinguishable from one another.…
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Photograph of six elderly people with a young couple and two children in the arms of elderly women. There is also another young girl in the background climbing a dune with a red toy truck in her hand. While most are making eye contact with the camera…
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Photograph of two elderly women in navy blue swimsuits standing on the sand, one holds her fist high in the air, while the other is moving hair out of her face. In the background the water has may waves and you can make out umbrellas and people.…
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Photograph of three adults and three children surrounding a kayak on its side on the beach. A woman is wearing a straw hat, and three children are sitting and leaning on a tree branch. In the distance there are big waves and a house at the top of a…
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Photograph depicts one woman with six children around her playing in the water. Slightly ahead of them is a little boy digging in the sand with a toy truck behind him. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of a man lying next to driftwood on the beach under a dark green and white umbrella, there are a few individuals next to him and the water in the distance is calm. Circa 1960s
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Photograph is taken from above and is of eight people laying on the sand and nine individuals in the water, of those in the water most are children. Circa 1960s
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Photograph of a middle-aged couple reclining on a log on the beach. The woman is wearing a dark blue swimsuit and conical straw hat. Circa 1960s
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Photograh of two women seated and leaning agains a log on the beach. The woman leaning on the log is wearing a conical straw hat. In the foreground a young boy plays in the sand. Circa 1960s
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