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Black and white photograph of a busy day at the beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. Sunbathers and swimmers are enjoying Lake Michigan at what appears to be Oval Beach on a summer's day.
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Photograph of a sunny day at Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. The beach is sprinkled with sunbathers and two multi-colored umbrellas in the foreground. To the right of those umbrellas lies a bright red paddleboard container which reads:…
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Photograph of a woman identified as Winne Mac sitting on a large stump on the beach, her legs crossed while smiling brightly at the photographer. The photograph appears to be taken at dusk as there is a pink tint to the lighting that adds to the…
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Series of four postcards featuring the prominent bodies of water enjoyed in Saugatuck, Michigan. The two postcards located at the top feature Oval Beach overlooking Lake Michigan: one features a crowded beach of sunbathers and the other a crowded…
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Ray Foster grew up on a family farm near Douglas, Michigan. In this interivew, Foster remembers the motorcycle gangs driving through town during summer holiday weekends, the rock music festival in 1968, and the Saugatuck Jazz Festival.
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Karen Morgan moved to the Saugatuck area after she graduated from high school and began waitressing at the new West Point restaurant in the 1960s. In this interview, Karen reminisces about her young adulthood in Saugatuck.
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Paola Doyle was raised in Oak Park and Oakbrook, Illinois and spent her childhood summers in Saugatuck. In this interview, Paola remembers visiting her grandparents' cottage near Mt. Baldhead during the summers as a child, and bringing her own…
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Ray Diffenderfer's grandparents were among the first to own land near Mt. Baldhead, where they built a cottage in the early 1920s. In this article, Ray reminisces about spending summers of his youth at the cottage and swimming at the beach in the…
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Photograph of a young couple smiling at the camera and wearing sunglasses with their arms around one another. The handwriting on the front of the picture says "Mem. Day, May '68." The handwriting on the back of the photograph says: "Saugatuck…
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Photograph of a group of five young adults with their arms arround one another and smiling at the camera. They are sitting in the sand on the side of a dune with beachgrass in the background. The handwriting on the top of the photograph says: Mem.…
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Photograph of a beach full of people watching a man climb a wooden pole in the distance.
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Photograph of a crowded beach with clusters of people on the sand and exploring the dunes.
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