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Side wheeler Louise in Baltimore Harbor, Maryland.
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Tugboat in Baltimore Harbor. Maryland.
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View of side wheeler in Baltimore Harbor from Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Sailboats in Baltimore Harbor, Maryland.
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Letter describing Abraham Lincoln's second Inaugural Address, the celebrations, and his impressions of Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburgh. The letter is accompanied by an envelope addressed to Mr. Claude Hamilton from the…
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Letter from Fowler to his uncle discussing political appointments in Baltimore. Letter mentions Fowler's meeting with Abraham Lincoln shortly after his inauguration with a delegation from Baltimore.
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Letter from the Secretary of the Interior discussing rental of rooms in the Baltimore court house.
Go to Nathan Sargent from John M. Clayton, March 14, 1844 item page

Letter requesting Sargent's advice on the possible nomination of John M. Clayton for a cabinet position.
Go to Nathan Sargent from Clement Comer Clay, March 14, 1832 item page

Letter detailing the Alabama Supreme Court's process of admitting attorneys from other states.
Go to Petition for U.S. Auditor position, May 23, 1844 item page

Petitions pledging support for the appointment of Nathan Sargent in various state and federal positions, including Auditor, Surveyor of the Port of Philadelphia, and Clerk of the House of Representatives.
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