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Go to Rehearsal of the play, "King Lear." item page

Robert Moyer as the king and David Dean as the fool in "King Lear," Stage 3's production in Grand Rapids. Director Michael Birtwhistle of Thomas Jefferson College at Grand Valley State Colleges had adapted Shakespeare's play into action-filled modern…
Go to Mari Frost, as Princess Gloriana, surrounded by children at Cummings School item page

Children rush to meet actors after the Grand Valley CAS Theater show, "Box With Three Locks." The touring children's play has been designed, performed, and managed by the students, and has been presented to more than 3,000 children in Ottawa and Kent…
Go to Two costumed students during weekend rehearsal item page

Male and female student actors pose in costume on what they call a "regular Saturday rehearsal."
Go to Student rehearsal on Sunday item page

Cast of student actors meet with their director in the auditorium to rehearse.
Go to Rehearsal of the play, "Caf‚ Murder." item page

Female and male student actors rehearse for their upcoming performance of "Caf‚ Murder."
Go to Debbie Piskowski practicing clown makeup item page

Debbie Piskowski, of Sterling Heights, experiments with clown makeup as an independent study for Theatre Lab 230. Requirements for the class included readings and practical work with a show. Debbie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Piskowski and…
Go to Students sitting in bleachers listening to a speaker item page

Students seated in the bleachers listening to a woman as she speaks into a microphone in front of the group.
Go to Students standing in line for Registration item page

Long lines of students standing and waiting during Registration.
Go to Students and staff during Registration item page

Groups of students and staff working together at different tables during Registration.
Go to Two students speaking with staff during registration item page

Two students speaking with a GVSU staff member during registration.
Go to Lake Huron Hall. Group of students sitting outside item page

Group of students sitting outside Lake Huron Hall during Orientation.
Go to Group of students during Admissions item page

Group of students looking through paperwork during Admissions.
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