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Photograph of an elderly woman standing in front of a white house, her face slightly obscured by the shade of a nearby tree. Circa 1960s
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Color slide of an older man holding a baby boy dressed in a blue jacket on the hood of a car.
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Black and white photograph of an outdoor pottery studio at Ox-Bow "Summer School of Painting" in Saugatuck, Michigan. In the photograph, a woman wearing a summer dress is walking outside the studio nestled in the woods. The name "Old Smokey" is…
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Scenic view painting of the beach, with forest and a house in the distance, circa 1920
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A scan of two photos stacked on top of each other that is labeled “109 Lakeshore Dr.” The top image is of an enclosed porch or sunroom with various patio furniture. The second is a taken down the hallway from what appears to be the dining room of the…
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Pages from 1958 telephone directory for Saugatuck-Douglas
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A brochure for the Saugatuck-Douglas Museum 2010 Exhibition, "A Place Called Ox-Bow." The brochure describes the exhibit and also gives the location, admission cost and dates of the exhibition.
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Page from Bob Lord's family photograph album with four photos depicting snow on the ground near homes and the beach. The photos have yellowed with age and have "JUL 78" stamped in the corners.
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Photograph depicts one woman with six children around her playing in the water. Slightly ahead of them is a little boy digging in the sand with a toy truck behind him. Circa 1960s
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Postcard featuring an aerial view of Oval Beach in Saugatuck, Michigan. The postcard depicts a series of parked cars in the parking lot, and while the beach has a smattering of individuals, it is not as busy as the number of cars would suggest. The…
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Black and white aerial photograph of the Oxbow bend of the Kalamazoo River in Saugatuck, Michigan. In the photograph, the art school's campus can be seen from a bird's eye view of the Kalamazoo River, Oxbow Lagoon, Tallmadge Woods, and the…
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Black and white aerial photograph of the wooded grounds of Ox-Bow "Summer School of Painting" in Saugatuck, Michigan as taken from above the southwestern shore. In the photograph, the historic buildings of Ox-Bow can be seen including what appears to…
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