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Larry Phillips recounts his time in Saugatuck and Douglas, where he grew up. In this interview, he discusses working several jobs, including his work at the Lloyd J. Harris Pie Company. He also discusses his time as a firefighter and provides a…
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Dave Karpowicz discusses his time at the Phelps Mansion and his experiences being a high school seminarian. He also discusses his time outside of Saugatuck-Douglas, as well as what brought him back to the region.
Go to Tom Fosdick, part 2 (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

The second part of his interview, Tom Fosdick describes his experiences with the school system and playing sports. He also discusses summer jobs, cross-state school trips, and his family and their role as school janitors. He also explores changes to…
Go to Tom Fosdick, part 1 (audio interview and transcript) 2018 item page

The first part of a longer interview, Tom Fosdick discusses early memories about the Saugatuck-Douglas area. He describes his time at the Old Schoolhouse and playing with his friends on the school properties.
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Anne Corlett describes her experiences as a summer cottage resident during the 60s and 70s. She recounts her experiences of the beaches, her connection to the arts and Oxbow, as well as her various experiences with the LGBT community.
Go to Coburn v Kalamazoo Ferry Company, 1 item page

Legal action that the Coburn family took against the Kalamazoo Ferry Company. It provides background information about the case and the franchise agreement that led to the lawsuit.
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A photo of a man connecting several trucks to the main amonia refrigerating plant. The caption reads "Trucks Being Connected With Main Ammonia Refrigerating Plant: The very latest feature for delivering cream pies."
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A black and white photo of the pie pan washer, which is being operated by two women i white dresses. The caption reads: "Designed by Lloyd J. Harriss and built to his specifications this machine does the most thoorough washing and sterillizing job…
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A photo of a man operating a dough machine. The caption reads: "This machine has been imported from Switzerland. It duplicates the hand motion of mixing dough which is by far the most superior. Note special device for counting strokes to insure…
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A black and white photo of Shelby C. Johstone, Vice President of Lloyd J. Harries Pie Co. Below his photo, it reads" "Started as a special delivery man and worked himself up to an officer and director of the company."
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A photo of the refrigerated cream pie compartment of a truck. The caption reads: "This heavily insulated compartment has large dole plates across the entire back of this cell which are connected to our main plant at night. This insures a 35 to 40…
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A collage of 12 images of "restaraunts and drug stores that serve Lloyd J. Harriss Pies exclusively." Such places include Walgreen Drugs, Helsings, Chez Paree and Roosevelt Coffe Shop and Cafeteria, among others.
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