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Postcard showcasing an aerial view of Saugatuck, Michigan and the neighboring Kalamazoo River flowing to Lake Michigan. The majority of the land shown in the image is covered in forest and sand dunes are seen by the lakeshore. There is no handwriting…
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Al Weener describes his connections to West Michigan as well as his time as a fisherman in Saugatuck
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A loaded delivery truck with its back door open that is ready to deliver pies to restaraunts. The caption reads: "These modern latest type pie trucks are washed inside and outside every night to insure the highest degree of sanitation."
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A black and white photo of a man stirring something in a kettle in front of a large number of aliminum troughs. The caption reads: "For your protection we use nothing but aliminum throughout our entire Bakery."
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A black and white scan of an open letter to Lloyd J. Harriss that includes both the image of a man and the letter itself. The letter, which has a header labled The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co," expressed gratitude and pride that Lloyd J. Harriss…
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Anne Corlett describes her experiences as a summer cottage resident during the 60s and 70s. She recounts her experiences of the beaches, her connection to the arts and Oxbow, as well as her various experiences with the LGBT community.
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A black and white photo of two women operating the apple peeling machine. The caption reads: "This very expensive and highly complicated machine peels the apple and removes the core with a minimum of waste at the rate of 80 apples per minute. The…
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A photo of a man in a bakers uniform. He is removing pies from the oven and placing them on a large rack. The caption reads "Apple pies coming out of the oven," although it is partially cut off.
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Color slide of a pond surrounded by autumn-colored trees. Circa 1960
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A color photo of an object with the Lloyd J. Harris logo. Below Lloyd J. Harris, it reads: "Bakers of the Worlds [sic] Finest Pies."
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A black and white photo of a five person band. The men who play the electric guitar and drumset are sitting. The men playing the saxaphone, clarinet and what appears to either be a cello or double bass stand. There is a pony statue in front of them.
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A black and white photo of a band performing. Two individuals sit on a piano bench, although only one plays. A man plays a large string instrument in the back, and another plays the trumpets. An individual playing the drums is obscured by a wooden…
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