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Tom Sapkowski grew up on the west side of Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently lives in nearby Belmont. After learning of PFAS contamination through the media, Tom paid to have his well water tested. It was found to have low levels. However, his…
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Sue and Mark Scott lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan for many years before moving to South Haven, Michigan. In their interview, they discuss their knowledge of the groundwater contamination in Kalamazoo and its effects on their health and community.
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Lynn McIntosh grew up on the east coast but has lived in Rockford, Michigan for about 30 years. Lynn noticed foam and filmy substance in the river in about 2010, and began taking photos of the contamination. In this interview, McIntosh discusses her…
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Gary Pettyjohn grew up in Grayling, Michigan before moving to the southeast region of the state. His experiences with PFAS in his community center around the Wurstmuth Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan. After learning about the contamination in…
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Kevin Ferrera grew up in central Pennsylvania and returned there after spending 20 years in the military. Kevin discusses his work exposure to PFAS through firefighting foam used on air force bases.
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Dr. Rick Rediski is a professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the Robert Annis Water Research Institute at Grand Valley State University and has lived in West Michigan since around 1980. In this interview, Dr. Rediski discusses is involvement…
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Brian Steglitz moved to Michigan in the late 1990s and currently lives in Ann Arbor. Brian is the manager of the city's water treatment services. In the interview, Steglitz discusses work and response to the presence of PFAS contaminants in the…
Go to Gail Mancewicz, 2021 (Interview video and transcript) item page

Gail Mancewicz lives in Rockford, Michigan. In this interview, Mancewicz discusses the demolition of the old Wolverine tannery and the environmental and public health impact on the community.
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Tony Spaniola resides in southeast Michigan, but maintains a second home in Oscoda, Michigan near the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base. The base was first recorded to have PFAS contamination in 2010, though Tony did not learn of it until reading about…
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Dr. Graham Peaslee is a professor at the University of Notre Dame. He began his career in nuclear physics and chemistry and now studies environmental issues. In this interview, he discusses his work identifying and measuring PFAS chemicals used in…
Go to Abigail Hendershott, 2021 (Interview video and transcript) item page

Abby Hendershott is originally from Bay City, Michigan and now lives in Rockford, Michigan. In this interview, Abby discusses her work as a District Supervisor in relation to the PFAS water contamination at former Wolverine dumping sites.
Go to Laura Facciolo, 2021 (Interview video and transcript) item page

Laura Facciolo has lived all her life in the Veneto region of Italy. In this interview, Laura discusses the contamination of Garda Lake, the second-largest aquifer in Europe, as well as other fresh water sources in Italy.
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