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  • Source is exactly "Digital file contributed by the B'nai Israel Temple as part of the L'dor V'dor project."
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Program for Purim Service
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Youth group creative service program by Linda Rothschild, undated.
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Ha-Kol: The Voice of Temple B'nai Israel, Youth Group Creative Service program, March 31, 1972.
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Youth group creative service program, April 21, 1972.
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A picture of the upstairs landing of the temple.
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Membership certificate for Temple B'nai Israel into the Union of Hebrew Congregations, November 19, 1955.
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Program for TYG Creative Service, December 8, 1972.
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Leo Rosen, and Sam Klayf digging with a man in the background looking at digging equipment.
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Two unidentifed men posing for a picture.
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Leo Rosen, Sam Klayf, and an unidentified man posing in front of digging equipment.
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Pamphlet asking for contributions to go to the construction of the Temple B'nai Israel. Also includes building floor plans, officers and committees in charge of effort.
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Handwritten ledger of meeting notes for the Jewish Ladies Aid Society
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