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  • Source is exactly "Digital file contributed by the B'nai Israel Temple as part of the L'dor V'dor project."
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Groundbreaking Group photo, incuding Rabbi Satlow, Sam & Harriet Klayf, Lyle Rogers, Leo Rosen, Mrs. I. Grossman, Florence Rosen, Sadie & Morris Golden, Francis August, Rueben Levy
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Leo Rosen, Sam Klayf, and an unidentified man posing in front of digging equipment.
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Leo Rosen, and Sam Klayf digging with a man in the background looking at digging equipment.
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A picture of three men, Leeo Rosen, Sam Klayf, and an unidentified man. One man is digging.
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Included in this photograph: Sol Silverman, Fred Stein, Morris Golden, Sam Price, Morris Teles, Jerome Fisher, Gene Fisher, Albert Ashendorf, Fred Rhodoff, Harry Fisher, Sam Lipman, Leo Rosen, Kelly Rosen, Harol Rosen, and Sid.
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An elevated picture of people while in mass. Included in the picture are the Rabbi, Leo Rosen, Paul Weiner, J.K. Kaufman, Sam Lipman, and Sow Aaron
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A picture of a table of people facing the camera. Included in this picture: Gloria & Lou Grossman, Ted & Jessie Newman, Lee & Herb Fisher
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A picture of the Temple Dedication Dinner space area at the Occidental Hotel. Included in this picture are Darmateddar, Sam Schumacher, Molly Silverman, Irene & Jack Steindler, Doug & Rhoda Rosen, J and Lillian Kaufman, Bud Strufh, Bob Cherin, Bud &…
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A man in the middle of speaking. Paul Weiner, Leo Rosen, and Sam Kaufman are included in this image.
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A picture of tables and chairs inside the social hall.
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Two unidentifed men posing for a picture.
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A picture of the upstairs landing of the temple.
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