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  • Source is exactly "Digital file contributed by D. Brigham as part of the Stories of Summer project."
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Photograph of an elderly woman standing in front of a white house, her face slightly obscured by the shade of a nearby tree. Circa 1960s
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Color slide of an older man holding a baby boy dressed in a blue jacket on the hood of a car.
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Scenic view painting of the beach, with forest and a house in the distance, circa 1920
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Pages from 1958 telephone directory for Saugatuck-Douglas
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Photograph depicts one woman with six children around her playing in the water. Slightly ahead of them is a little boy digging in the sand with a toy truck behind him. Circa 1960s
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Color slide of a pond surrounded by autumn-colored trees. Circa 1960
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Postcard of people at the beach in Saugatuck, circa 1920
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Photograph of Ben and Fido standing in a field, two automobiles are in the background, circa 1917. On the reverse, an inscription reads "Ben and Fido, Overland in the Backround."
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Front of the Between Bridges postcard depicting a road with trees on either side, circa 1910
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Photograph of the interior of Big Pavilion, advertised as the largest dance floor East of the Mississippi River. In the photograph there are two men in a dome like room. A orchestra is in the distance.
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Photograph of three people sitting in a red BMW Isetta automobile with the front door open. Circa 1960s
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Black and white photograph postcard of the bank of the Muskegon River in Saugatuck, Michigan with a few small sailboats in the short distance.
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