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  • Source is exactly "Digital file contributed by D. Brigham as part of the Stories of Summer project."
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Photograph of Barbara in a straw hat and sundress looking down at the camera from wooden steps going toe the Eddy cottage.
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Photograph of Barbara holds great niece Kathy at her cottage (R.G. Eddy).
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A Barbara in a bathing suit and large straw hat stands in tall grass overlooking the lake at the Eddy Cottage on Lakeshore Drive. Circa 1960s
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Barbara watches the waves in front of the Ben Eddy cottage on Lakeshore Drive. Circa 1950s
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Postcard of people at the beach in Saugatuck, circa 1920
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Photograph of the old beech and old maple at Beech-Hurst.
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Photograph of the farmhouse at Beech-Hurst. Circa 1940s
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Photograph of the farmhouse at Beech-Hurst in winter.
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Side view of the Beech-Hurst farmhouse, an old automobile can be seen in the background.
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Photograph of Ben H. Eddy and Fido at Beech-Hurst, two automobiles are in the background, circa 1917. On the reverse, an inscription reads "Ben and Fido, Overland in the Backround."
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Photograph of Benjamin Hathaway Eddy riding a horse.
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Benjamin Hathaway Eddy plows the south field at Beech-Hurst with the 1929 Fordson tractor.
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