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  • Source is exactly "Digital file contributed by D. Brigham as part of the Stories of Summer project."
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Photograph of a woman in a white dress and wide-brimmed hat holding a large catfish, circa 1920
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Photograph of Scott holding a large catfish next to a woman in a white dress and wide-brimmed hat, circa 1920.
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Studio portrait of Ben and Ray Eddy in sailor outfits, there is a small mark in the bottom right which says "South Haven," circa 1900.
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Photograph of cousins Larry and Joan riding a single bicycle sat side by side, circa 1940
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Benjamin Hathaway Eddy plows the south field at Beech-Hurst with the 1929 Fordson tractor.
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Photograph of Ben H. Eddy and Fido at Beech-Hurst, two automobiles are in the background, circa 1917. On the reverse, an inscription reads "Ben and Fido, Overland in the Backround."
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Scott and Lillian Eddy sit in the backseat with Martha Siebert while son Benjamin H. Eddy drives Martha's 1917 Overland. Fido sits next to Ben. convertible automobile infront of their house. Verso: inscription reads: "Backseat L(eft) to R(ight).…
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Postcard message says: "Dear Everybody: I have been in Saugatuck for a week now am writing in Grand Rapids. Have had [illegible] a grand time. Will write again- Walter," circa 1915
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Postcard message says: "I wish you many happy [illegible] this day tell Mother hello for me tell Ben hello Saved 4 [illegible] With love Jay"
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Photograph of A.H. Palor Sr. and Elizabeth T. Palor sitting on lawn chairs with Greta at their feet. Verso: Lists the details of individuals in the picture, alongside a potential date. "Probably late '31 or '32"
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The Beech and Maple trees by the driveway of Beech-Hurst on Ferry Street with the farmhouse in the background
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Photograph of Marths, Betsy, and Sandy on the Beach. Verso: inscription reads: "Martha, Betsy 8 years, and Sandy. 1929 Sandy 5, pex"
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