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  • Source is exactly "Digital file contributed by D. Brigham as part of the Stories of Summer project."
Go to Reb Barn Theatre program item page

Cover and back of Red Barn Theatre program, circa 1960
Go to Lucille on Pearl Harbor Day item page

Photograph of a woman in the front seat of a car. Back reads "Lucille on Pearl Harbor Day." December 7, 1941
Go to Man pushing a steel drum item page

Black and white photograph of a man in a white uniform pushing a cart with a white metal drum down the street in front of a Rexall Drug Store. Circa 1950
Go to Couple at the Brookfield Zoo item page

Black and white photograph of a man and woman linking arms and dressed in winter coats at Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.
Go to Group of girls in 18th century costumes item page

Black and white photograph of a group of girls of varying ages in 18th century dresses and bonnets. Rear of photo lists names. Circa 1955
Go to Saugatuck Cadet Band item page

Black and white photograph of the Saugatuck Cadet Band in the spring of 1956, for the Holland Literary Club Program."First time in uniform." Names listed on the back.
Go to Pat and Frank item page

Photograph of couple in swimming suits holding a small boy who is standing on a wooden railing on the beach. Behind them are four other people sitting or laying out towels.
Go to Autumn pond item page

Color slide of a pond surrounded by autumn-colored trees. Circa 1960
Go to Old Road to Holland item page

Color slide of a narrow country road lined with trees, with a white mailbox on the left.
Go to "Keith and R.G." item page

Color slide of an older man holding a baby boy dressed in a blue jacket on the hood of a car.
Go to Kalamazoo River lighthouse pier item page

Color photograph of a man standing in front of a red lighthouse on a pier on the Kalamazoo River.
Go to Woman on a horse item page

Black and white photograph of a woman in a white shirt, riding pants and boots, riding a horse in a field in front of tall trees. Circa 1960s
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