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  • Source is exactly "Digital file collected by the Kutsche Office of History as part of the Stories of Summer Project."
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A color photo of a group of three men and two women seated around two tables. Beer bottles and glasses sit on the table, and two of the men hold cigarettes. The back side of "Toadville 1963." It reads: "Noel, Mary, Leo, Joan & Vince" in the top, and…
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A full color image of a group of men in shiny gold jackets. There is a man on the drums, an electric and acoustic guitarist, and a saxophonist, all of whom are actively playing their instruments. Other instruments hang on the wall behind them, and…
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A full color image. The man playing his guitar is the focus of the image, but a man playing the strings and a man on the drumset are both seen in the background. There is some visual distortion in the image. The back side of "Guitarist." It reads…
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A black and white photo of a string player and a trumpeteer playing their instruments. There is a pirate flag in the background, and in the right corner, the back of a man's head is depicted.
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A sign on the side of the Blue Tempo. It reads: "Combo Dixie, Jazz, Dance, Wed. thru Sun. Jam Session, Dancing nightly." It also expresses that it starts at 4:00 on Saturday and 3:00 on Sunday.
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A photo of the Blue Tempo. Signs on the building read food and bar. Someone has taken a blue pen and drawn a window awning and a design on the roof of the building. A flag has also been drawn on in the same blue ink.
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A black and white photo of two men who wear polo shirts and glasses. The man on the right also wears a tie. Both men are seated and play the saxophone.
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A black and white photo of a band performing. Two individuals sit on a piano bench, although only one plays. A man plays a large string instrument in the back, and another plays the trumpets. An individual playing the drums is obscured by a wooden…
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A black and white image of two men. The one closest to the camera sits and has a bottle in his hand. The man in the back stands with a cigarrette in his mouth. A sign in the top right corner appears to read Toadville, and there is a gun hanging under…
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A black and white photo. Two individuals sit in the front, while two men stand behind them. One has a large string instrument in his hand. The individuals on the left side of the image are obscured.
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A black and white photo of men performing in a band while audience members look on.
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A color photo of two women and a man. The woman in the middle sits very close to the man next to her, who rests his head on hers. There are beerbottles and liquor glasses on the table, and the middle woman holds a cigarrette.
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