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Program and attraction list for the County Fair held September 22, 23, and 24th of 1909 by the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club.
Go to 1910 Annual Meeting and Banquet Program and Menu item page

Program and menu for the Banquet of the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club at Press Hall, with an image of the club building on the back cover.
Go to Russell C. Davis Membership Card item page

Orange membership card certifying the Russel C. Davis is entitled to the rights and privileges of a member of the Masonic Country Club of Western Michigan, certified by A. E. Davidson, secretary. Davis never signed.
Go to CSARA Flag item page

Single page with a drawing of the CSARA Flag, and a short description underneath detailing the presentation and use of the flag.
Go to Constitution, By-Laws, and Regatta Rules of Central States Amateur Rowing Association item page

21-Page panphlet with title sheet listing articles of the CSARA constitution, by-laws, and regatta rules. The first page lists the president, VP, secretary, and treasurer (Theodore Umbright, Elmer Mutz, Wm. Haltiner, and Aug. Bergman, respectively)…
Go to Portrait of John F. Corbet item page

Outdoor portrait of John F. Corbet. Written on backside: "Return to Herb Conlon"
Go to Doubles in Canoe item page

Two male teammates in a canoe, racing. Shoreline with trees in the background.
Go to Two Buildings item page

Rectangular brick building on the left with a three storey building, including a rooftop gazebo, to the right.
Go to Three Crewboats in Water item page

Three distant crewboats and one spectator boat in water. Small object in foreground and cityline with trees in the background.
Go to 8-Oar Central State Champions item page

Central state champions in Chicago, 8-oar crew on the water. A. C. K. Johnson on stroke, L. Lineau on 7th position, J. Culver on 6th, H. Templeman on 5th, O. W. Crane on 4th, K. McKennon on 3rd, T. London on 2nd, N. M. C. Olsen at the bow, and…
Go to Tandem Canoe Boats Racing item page

Frank Leity and D. Van Ess race in doubles event against Dick Janis and Clem Mohan, with trees in the background. Both entered in the Tandem Canoe and other Canoe events. Found in the dark brown scrapbook.
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Teammates Clem Mohan, Dick Janis, D. Van Ess, and Frank Leity race in 4-paddle event. The same men could enter doubles, singles, and novelty events. Found in dark brown scrapbook.
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