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Full-sized sheet of paper, pencil script. At the top, crossed out, "Members of first crew to win race for," underneath that, "A four out for a spin - Herbert Conlon, Ernst Conlon, McQuewan, Corbet."
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Boats racing on the water as a crowd, in the foreground, looks on. Found in dark brown scrapbook.
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Off-centered image of distant crewboats on the water. Found in dark brown scrapbook.
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8-man crewboat with cox in the water before a dock with 3 spectator boats and a few spectators in the background. Herbert Heinrich at the bow, John Spaulding on 2nd, J. Walters on 3rd, E. Heinz on 4th, W. Garsztecki on 5th, John Jans (Captain) on…
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Fold-out pamphlet describing the competing rowing clubs and the daily schedule of events for Friday and Saturday. Many of the events are filled in with pencil of how many points the races were won by and how long they took.
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Full-size cardstock(?) sheet with the title Grand Rapids Boat + Canoe Club, and a small comic clipping glued to the bottom left corner.
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Senior Four IVY Crew Roy Breymeir, stroke, Mark Olson, 3rd, Royal Graham, 2nd, and Oscar Kruegar, bow, pose in front of boat and seated unidentified male. Champion's Senior Four Event at Chicago Central States Regatta. Saved for Conlon
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Chas McQuewan, Oldest active Oarsmen in Grand Rapids, stands in front of spectatin crowd. Saved for Conlon.
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21-Page panphlet with title sheet listing articles of the CSARA constitution, by-laws, and regatta rules. The first page lists the president, VP, secretary, and treasurer (Theodore Umbright, Elmer Mutz, Wm. Haltiner, and Aug. Bergman, respectively)…
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Program and attraction list for the County Fair held September 22, 23, and 24th of 1909 by the Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club.
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Unidentified 4-man crewboat in the water, with the cox position empty. In the foreground, two men standing on nearby dock. A shoreline with trees in the background.
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Piece of scrap paper with notes in pencil: "Won Central States Regatta and Southwestern States Regatta in Peoria in 1922 - Also, won dual regatta with Detroit in 1923: Russ Davis (stroke), Alvin Hoek, Richard Tanis, Geo. Donker, Bill Young, Phil…
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