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Go to Women's Masonic Chapter Golden Anniversary program item page

35th Anniversary program for a women's Masonic organization in Saugatuck Michigan, Chapter 285. Possibly Order of the Eastern Star or Job's Daughters, 1950
Go to The Village Street, Saguatuck Michigan postcard item page

Black and white photograph postcard of a commercial street with several parked cars, circa 1955.
Go to Saugatuck High School 1960 Commencement program item page

Commencement program for the 1960 Saugatuck High School ceremony.
Go to Saugatuck Cadet Band item page

Black and white photograph of the Saugatuck Cadet Band in the spring of 1956, for the Holland Literary Club Program."First time in uniform." Names listed on the back.
Go to Reb Barn Theatre program item page

Cover and back of Red Barn Theatre program, circa 1960
Go to P.G. Walter First Grade promotion certificate item page

Certificate of promotion to the first grade at Saugatuck Public Schools for P.G. Walter, 1948
Go to Newspaper clipping, "The Press State Page," Saugatuck Sea Scouts on Mt. Baldhead item page

Newspaper clipping from the Press State Page with picture of the Saugatuck Sea Scouts standing on the stairs up Mt. Baldhead, as well as articles on local changes, surrounding the school, signs being replaced, and driver reform. December 18, 1957
Go to Man pushing a steel drum item page

Black and white photograph of a man in a white uniform pushing a cart with a white metal drum down the street in front of a Rexall Drug Store. Circa 1950
Go to Lucille on Pearl Harbor Day item page

Photograph of a woman in the front seat of a car. Back reads "Lucille on Pearl Harbor Day." December 7, 1941
Go to Group of girls in 18th century costumes item page

Black and white photograph of a group of girls of varying ages in 18th century dresses and bonnets. Rear of photo lists names. Circa 1955
Go to Fold-out with historic Saugatuck, Michigan photographs item page

Copy of a fold-out with three images: "Indians of the Area," "Famous Sand Dune, Mt. Baldhead," and "Singapore - the Buried City, 1863."
Go to Florence Sewers American Legion Auxiliary membership card copy item page

White and black copy of American Legion Auxiliary membership card of Florence Sewers issued in Saugatuck, Michigan. 1974
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