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Article published in local Shelby, Michigan newspaper highlighting where to purchase pesticides in the area, including M.C. Field Company.
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Advertisement in Shelby, Michigan newspaper for insecticides sold by M.C. Field. S.O. Field, Marge's great grandfather owned a share of that company, as did her grandparents Anton and Abba Field. Company was located in downtown Shelby.
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Photo of Anton (right) and Abba (left) Field preparing to leave for a trip to Mexico City. (Anton's father was S. O. Field.) A sweet cherry tree is pictured in the background. A copy of their travel journal from that trip was also donated and scanned…
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Photo of Field Family Farmhouse accompanied story in local paper "Success Without a Mortgage" (image Peterson_Marge-005.jpg). House was built in 1899 by Marge Peterson's great grandfather, S. O. Field. Field migrated from Norway to Chicago before…
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Photograph of Esther Moul's father delivering apples to be processed.
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Photograph of male workers on family farm. Workers are from Jamaica.
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