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Go to GVSC Revives an Old, Proud GR Sport item page

Newspaper article detailing GVSC's role in bringing crew back to GR, after Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club gifted clubhouse back to the city. One section tells the history of Grand Rapids Boat and Canoe Club prior to GVSC.
Go to Hundreds at Luncheon in Honor of A. A. Carroll item page

Newspaper article about a luncheon held in honor of A. A. Carroll, just retired as superintendent of police, who established a world rowing record in 1887, along with Charles McQuewan, William Sargent, and Jesse Fox. 400 Grand Rapids citizens and…
Go to Rabbi Avraham Weiss is dragged from the convent by workman item page

Newspaper clipping of a photo of two men dragging another man by his arm and coat as others gather around.
Go to Key German official quits after furor over Kristallnacht speech item page

Associated Press article about the West German Parliamentary President, Philipp Jenninger's resignation following his comments praising the Nazi Third Reich.
Go to Jews 'deserved to die,' says Nazi in Syria item page

Associated Press article about convicted war criminal Alois Brunner, captured in Syria.
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