China and Chennault Post War, 1942-1947



China and Chennault Post War, 1942-1947



Chennault, Claire Lee, 1893-1971


Film in black and white and color taken by Chinese Air Force Interpreter P.Y. Shu (no sound). The footage was recorded by Shu as he traveled with Col. Claire Chennault to aid the Chinese Air Force in training and establishing the American Volunteer Group (AVG). The footage documents Shu's travel and family as well as Chennault's and the AVG's activities during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Time-stamped scene list: 00:00 (color film) Group picture of Chinese officers. Chinese soldiers on airfield. "Tiger" Wang Shuming comes out of a Chinese bomber plane. 00:50 Chinese city street scene. 00:59 Procession of towns people bringing cows, flowers and drinks for a celebration to an Army base. Chennault greets town's people. 01:26 A ceremony. American soldiers receive medals by Chinese personnel. Chennault and the other soldiers receive flowers. People leave the ceremony. 03:30 People at a lunch table. A soldier at an airfield. Chennault and Chinese officers in front of a cargo plane. 04:13 (black and white film) Chennault with town's people at a model plane competition. 04:33 (color film) Memorial tower. A small water aircraft painted "CAT" on the side. 06:08 Canton after war. Chennault in a suit walks on a street with his wife and other Chinese people. 07:29 Civil Air Transport (CAT) cargo plane. Chennault and his wife in front of the plane. 07:52 (black and white film) Chennault and an American woman toss cards to a bowl. Chennault, P. Y. Shu and American women in a yard. 08:41 (color film) Chennault and women in yard. 09:16 Chinese couples and children in front of Chinese plane. Chennault talks with Chinese soldiers. 10:40 A port town. A marching band and American Army march through the city. 11:10 Chennault gives speech in front of the American personnel. Cemetery with decorated graves. 11:54 P.Y. Shu and his wife in a park. 12:25 Chinese woman reading in a fur coat. A Western man and Chinese woman. 12:49 Chennault smoking in a chair next to his wife, Anna. The Chennaults walking in an airfield and village. They get in a CAT plane. 13:46 Cat with three orange kittens.


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