Visit of Chiang Kai-shek, 1941-1942



Visit of Chiang Kai-shek, 1941-1942



Chennault, Claire Lee, 1893-1967


Film in black and white and color taken by Chinese Air Force Interpreter P.Y. Shu (no sound). The footage was recorded by Shu as he traveled with Col. Claire Chennault to aid the Chinese Air Force in training and establishing the American Volunteer Group (AVG). The footage documents Shu's travel and family as well as Chennault's and the AVG's activities during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Time-stamped scene list: 00:00 (black and white film) Shu family affairs and recreation. Swimming at the river. Countryside and smoke over the treetops. Boys crossing a log bridge. 00:45 Chinese soldiers march in front of "Tiger" Wang Shuming. 00:55 Boy flying a model airplane. Red Cross bus driving toward camera. 01:40 Group of Chinese interpreters come out of a red cross bus and walk away. They eat lunch. 02:25 P-40 airplane moves on Kunming airfield. P-40 #84 on the ground. Closeup of shark face painted on the nose of the plane. 02:38 Chinese officers come out a Chinese passenger airplane on Kunming airfield. 03:15 AVG officers and staff in front of a building in Kunming. (left to right) Dr. Everett Bruce, C.E. Smith, Harvey Greenlaw, Chennault, Dr. Tom Gentry, Skip Adair, Dr. Sam Prevo, Ed Goyette, J. Hennessy, Paul Frillman, Dr. Joseph Lee, David Harris and John Williams. 03:44 Ground crews work on P-40, take off and put back on a propeller on Kunming airfield. 04:15 Chinese officers eat snacks at an airfield. "Tiger" Wang, Chennault, Lung Yin (governor of Yunnan province) and others come out of a building, walk to P-40s. P-40s in the sky over Kunming.04:53 Governor Lung Yin at an airfield. "Tiger" Wang among the crowd. 05:00 President Chiang Kai-shek at the Kunming airfield, shakes hand with Chinese officers, talks to "Tiger" Wang and Chennault. Madame CKS receives flowers. 05:42 P-40s in the sky over Kunming airfield. "Tiger" Wang, CKS, MCKS and Chennault at an airfield. CKS and MCKS leave by plane. 06:37 P-40 #42 takes off. American pilots and officers stand in front of a statue. 06:57 Group of AVG include Chennault, Adair, Bond, Wang and others walk to a cemetery. Funeral for four American Army Air Corpsmen. 08:33 (color film) Gov. Lung Yin in front of a building. MCKS and CKS come out of a building. Tiger Wong and the others follow them. They walk to an airplane and leave. 10:28 P. Y. Shu's wife and son. Son plays with marbles, then shoots a rifle. Shu holding a rifle with son. 11:18 AVG crewman with pet leopard "Kitten." 11:48 Tom Trumble, Chennault's secretary, in front of a twin-engine plane. Reeds and other at Kunming airfield. P-40 #110. 12:23 General Yin, a local commander of Chinese Air Force, and his family.


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P.Y. Shu, “Visit of Chiang Kai-shek, 1941-1942,” Digital Collections, accessed February 25, 2024,
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