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Letter from James W. Ochs to his parents, June 6, 1945. Letter reads: "June 6, 1945. Prachtitz, Czech. Dear Mom & Dad, Being just one year ago that the invasion came off, today was a holiday for us so all I did was take a walk and went swimming twice. Where was the river. Well just a small stream that has a dam across it. It was fairly good swimming with the water just cool. The other time I told you I went swimming was in another small stream back near Aigen, Austria. Today I got two letters from you and last night there were a couple too. Also today I got one Free Press and believe it or not but it was for only nine days ago. It came with the air-mail of the same date. Also thanks Dad for renewing the subscription for another three months. The last four letters I have are dated May 25, 27 & 29 are your Mom and yours Dad of May 19. Also the stamps came as always. You asked about how many points I have. Well I have 49 but with the two campaign stars which I should get it will make it a total of 59. No, not too good but there are worse. I hope that my letters are going through better now than they were when you wrote those letters. By the way did I tell you Dad that the money order came through O.K. Thanks a lot. Today I also got a couple of letters from Mary written the 26 and 28. She didn't have anything special to say except the next week-end she was planning on going to Detroit for a few hours she could have there. The old boats sure bring in the money when they come in. That helps anyway. Now Mom here is a little advise. Don't rent our house. We aren't that hard up at any time and they would probably do more damage in the end that it would be worth. And if I did happen to get home this summer remember I'd like to live in our house. Of course that is just speculating but then you never can tell. I'm glad my box got there O.K. with al the winter things in it. Well what do you think of the German Air Corps Jacket. I hope it got there O.K. I'm waiting to hear if it was underneath when you unpack the box. Prove(?) what Doris wrote you Frank must be making a pretty good housekeeper & cook. But then they both got pretty good bargins. About now the spring house cleaning should be just about now so I guess I can come home now for a few days. I only wish I could. Goodnight & Love, Bill." Amended to the letter is a typescript list of cities and towns Ochs visited in Europe.


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