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Chennault, Claire Lee, 1893-1969

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P.Y. Shu

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Color film taken by Chinese Air Force Interpreter P.Y. Shu (no sound). The footage was recorded by Shu as he traveled with Col. Claire Chennault to aid the Chinese Air Force in training and establishing the American Volunteer Group (AVG). The footage documents Shu's travel and family as well as Chennault's and the AVG's activities during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Time-stamped scene list: 00:00 Shu family affairs. Woman and child. 00:29 "Tiger" Wang Shuming talking with man and group of women and children. 00:47 Wang walks in front of saluting Chinese soldiers. 00:57 Family affairs and recreation. 01:48 Visit to pagoda. 2:00 Twin-engine planes in the sky. Mountains in Kweilin. American soldiers inspect a place. Chinese mark on AVG jacket. 02:37 Aerial shot clouds. Tiger Wang and others (American and Chinese officers) stand around an American planes. 03:46 (black and white film) Family affairs. Aerial shot of mountains and river. 04:54 Hap Arnold, Bissell, Chennault and the other American officers stand by an American cargo airplane. 05:25 "Tiger" Wang Shuming with his wife and son. Chinese dragon dance. 06:28 Wang and others see off American officers at an airport. A cargo plane takes off. 07:34 Chennault gets out of a car. American soldiers at an airfield. A succession ceremony (?) 08:26 General Joseph Stillwell talks to Chennault. Stillwell, Chennault and American soldiers at an ceremony. 08:56 Chennault receives a medal from Stillwell. 09:19 Shu family affairs. Mrs. Shu and daughter in P.Y. Shu's war time house in Chunking. 09:45 Ground crews work on a plane. Chennault and American soldiers in front of a building. 10:20 An American training plane. P-40s lined up on ground. 10:39 Chinese officers walk in front of soldiers. Chennault among the crowd. 10:56 White smoke rises into the sky. Chennault and Chinese officers at an airfield. P-40s take off. American plane, P-40 in the sky. 11:35 Chennault and other officers walk on an airfield.

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Fei Hu Films research and production files (RHC-88)