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75 members of Headquarters Company, 126th Infantry photographed in Australia. First Row, left to right: PFC. Jesse Martin, PFC. Harold Weinrich, PVT. James St. Peter, PFC. John Johnson, PFC. Claude Martin, SGT. William Harshima, PFC. Merlin Young, CPL. Henry Koster, CPL. Gerald L. Harvey, PFC. Gaylord Hall, PVT. Ira S. McKay, PFC. Lou B.H. Fox, SGT. James Tompert, SGT. Walter Hill, SGT. Herbert Gardner, PFC. Robert Kruthaupt, and CPL. Allan Walton. Second Row, left to right: PFC. Louis J. Pellerin, PFC. James Robinson, PFC. Joseph Ravetta, PFC. Walter Bajdek, PVT. George Fomin, PFC. Harvey Hill, CPL. Leonard Bolle, SGT. Steven Kraut, CPL. Theodore Olinger, PFC. Ora E. Ramsey, PFC. Jerome Schulty, CPL. Richard Ross, PFC. Robert Durbin, PVT. Harold Pageler, SGT. John Quakkelaar, CPL. Minor Edwards, PFC. Maurice Carpenter, and PVT. Ferd Radenslaben. Third Row, left to right: CPL. Francis Plotzka, CPL. Elden Anderson, Staff SGT. Stanley Ketchel, SGT. Albert Rabaskas, SGT. Robert Eckberg, PFC. Earl De Vormer, PFC. John J. Glowicki, PVT. Jack Carmichael, PFC. Kenneth Miller, SGT. Stuart Kreger, PVT. John Peterson, PFC. Emil F. Peters, SGT. Richard Platte, Staff SGT. Richard Newton, PFC. Lester Spader, PFC. Martin Bolt, Staff SGT. Roy H. Jurgens, and SGT. Joseph Skiba. Fourth Row, left to right: Capt. J.J. Sullivan, 1st SGT. Alfred Bush, Staff SGT. Bernard Doyle, SGT. Ferdinan Ficeli, SGT. John Aeschliman, PVT. Rudolph Socha, PVT. Jerome Kozak, PVT. Walter Plaska, PVT. Harold Kelly, PFC. Joseph Tuscan, PFC. John Mulvey, PFC. Edgar McGaskill, SGT. Anthony Carowitz, PVT. Edward Zolenski, CPL. Roman Leibeck, CPL. Roger Anderson, CPL. Gerald Palmer, CPL. Roger A. Goldsmith, Tech. SGT. Joseph Kroll, SGT. Herman Steenstra, Master SGT. Abel Potts, and Capt. Woltjer.

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Richard Platte Red Arrow Division Collection, (RHC-99)