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Urick, Walter

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Self-recorded interview by Walter Urick, May 26, 2016. English language recording. Summary in English and Spanish. Walter was born on June 3, 1939. He is a first generation American, as his father grew up in Belarus and his mother in Poland. Walter has two sisters, Mary and Lola, and one brother, John. His family moved to Hart in 1940, and after World War II his father started Urick Dry Cleaners in Hart. For a number of years, Walter picked strawberries, cherries, and pickles at farms in the area. When he was 16 years old, he got his first formal job working for Hart Cherry Packers. In high school, Walter was involved in sports, drama, and the debate program, and he graduated in 1957. He went on to Albion College and then to law school at the University of Michigan, graduating in 1964. On January 1, 1965 Walter became the Oceana County Prosecuting Attorney and held that role for six years. He met his wife, Karen, and they were married on August 26, 1967. They have had three children together. During that time, Walter was recruiting young lawyers and eventually became partners with Tony Monton. He then was the family court judge for Oceana County for 18 years. Overall, Walter had a 42-year career practicing law. Now that he is retired, he is active in his tennis club, rotary club, church, the Oceana Singers, and is president of the Oceana Historical Society.

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