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Schaub, Gayle (interviewer)

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Ritchie, Elizabeth (Liz)

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Interview with Liz Ritchie conducted by Gayle Schaub for the GVSU Libraries' Connected Exhibit, displayed in September 2016. Edited clips of interviews accompanied watercolor portraits of students and an interactive watercolor activity for exhibit visitors. Liz is a biology major, currently applying to graduate veterinary programs. A student in the Honors College, Liz comes from a rural, farm community and has known what she wanted to study since she got her first set of pigs to show at the county fair when she was only 4 years old. Liz is a driven, talented student who admits having had to learn new study and time management skills to succeed at GVSU in her very challenging field of study. In spite of her demanding schedule, Liz has found the time to be a program volunteer, a Murray International House peer mentor, and a Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) resident assistant. She credits a lot of her success to her involvement with campus activities.

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University Libraries. Connected exhibit files